Being born on the shore of the Mediterranean has meant that despite all the journeys to other seas and mountains, I always come back. Here, where the air smells of the sea and the sun smiles almost every day, I am happy.

I started studying music in a conservatory when I was very young, and ended up with two higher degrees and two masters’ degrees in the flute and baroque flute in Amsterdam.

Grateful to all the teachers, and especially their foibles; overcoming them has been an important challenge to know my inner self better and to nourish my self-esteem and profession. My time as a student made a big impression on me, and recovering esteem and spontaneity in music has been a necessary path in order to continue being a musician.

As regards the painting, I am strictly self-taught. I need to live the path and the experience entirely on my own and live the accidents. I am convinced that the “accidents” in painting (surely in life as well) open up to you the gates of the path to follow. Ideas and control are remote from what I paint: I stand before the white of the paper and wait for the surprise to arrive. I find it more important to live life than focus on the technique, each vital experience nourishes my art.

(My motto for everything I do)

The need to share paintings is immense, just like the gratitude I feel for being able to paint in this life.

One of the greatest pleasures is painting live together with musicians or poets.

For the curious: I have taken part in orchestras such as the Symphonic and National orchestras of Barcelona and Catalonia, the City Orchestra of Granada, the Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia, the Symphonic Orchestra of Vallès; early music orchestras such as the Al Ayre Español, Bach Zum Mitsingen, Bachvereniging and Harmony of Nations, and am currently the flute soloist of Vespres d’Arnadí and the Catalan Baroque Orchestra.

In the field of painting, I would like to point out that I have illustrated the book Pluja Daurada (reflexions espirituals) by Xavier Bertran. As well as having exhibitions, I have painted live with the Barcelona Clarinet Players in the Auditori de Barcelona and, in the setting of the Festival of Vespres d’Arnadí, in the opera Apollo and Daphne by Handel.

I also like writing, feeling like a poet, or good friend of the poets. If I write sentences, poems, they are inner urges that need to come out.

And that’s all. Here I am. Happy to share with you.